Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Food in Las Vegas

I've stayed extensively in Las Vegas, Nevada over the past few years, and now that I'm back home I decided to reflect back on my experiences related to food in Sin City.

Vegas is in my opinion one of the best places for food in the world. It has fine dining, mid level restaurants, lunch spots and food trucks, and it's all absolutely platinum.

For fine dining, my favorite restaurants were Gordan Ramsay Steakhouse and Kabuto Sushi.

Gordan Ramsay Steakhouse is obviously a steakhouse, one I've been to about half a dozen times. Almost every time I got something different and every time I enjoyed it about as much as I can imagine enjoying a cut of steak. The sides and cocktails were also pretty fantastic.

Kabuto Sushi is a small establishment about 2 miles from the strip on Spring Mountain Rd. For years there wasnt even a sign over this place, but it was as packed as possible every time (granted only about 15 seats). The fish is imported daily from Japan, Spain and other countries I can't remember, and it is legitimately melt in your mouth pieces of nigiri. Watching the chefs cut is like watching a painter, except I like the chef's work much better because I get to eat it.

When fine dining wasn't what the meal was calling for there were still plenty of other restaurants to rip. Me and the friends would share a few bags from a desktop vaporizer I purchased from an online store and then Uber down the street to Grand Lux Cafe, Zupas, Las Arepas and many many more.

Seriously some of the most fun I had was those years in Vegas, basically just eating and ripping bags. That era is over now, but it will always stick with me as some of my best memories.

Bears and my thoughts on them

Bears - Cute and Scary

I think bears are one of the cutest animals, especially because there are so many types of bears! There's black, brown, grizzly, polar, panda and the often forgotten Koala!

I think it would be super scary to meet a grizz bear in real life, but not quite as much in the Koala's case. Many bears are different, but there's one universal quality that links them all: their love of pizza!(inside joke XD).

There have been many famous bears on TV, animated and otherwise. Notable examples include Pooh, Yogi, Bear in the big blue house and the bear from Dr. Dolittle.

Although I will always have a pet dog because they won't rip my face off, I forever wish I could have my own pet bear.